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Women Engineer (PEAN) Candidate Story of Sarmila Gautam

Er. Sarmila Gautam is from Gulmi, Baletaksar, currently living in Pokhara 16. She  Studied BE – Electronics and communication , IOE Paschimanchal Engineering Campus (2068-2072) MSc– Masters in Knowledge and Communication Engineering, IOE Paschimanchal Engineering Campus (2072-2074).

She work as an IT Officer, Pokhara Metropolitan City, Focal Person Smart City Hub, Pokhara Metropolitan City Focal Person, Provincial Municipal Learning Center Gandaki Province.

 Being a lady engineer has been her childhood dream that came to be a true life story. Her family support her continuous passion lead her  to a position where she is now.Company with seniors, good attachment among friends, committed to the responsibilities and fair decision are the key behavior that made everything possible till today.
Politically, She is  a daughter of woman leader who leads, motivates, and empowers all the women of rural part of the country, while raising the voice against violence, discrimination and social injustice. So since from her childhood, She grew up in a family which were influenced by the Communist Principles. She remembered herself  in the crowd of 19 days protest being back and forth with her mother holding her hands against autocracy. During her undergraduates, She got an opportunity to lead all the women engineers by raising a voice of engineering sector along with hostel life issues, lab management, and library management issues. She always bow her head to those seniors who were the inspiration and source of courage for what purpose she was there.
 She find herself not only as a lady candidate but also a competitive candidate who is capable to take into action all those commitment in the manifesto of the team PEAN. Along with this, she will be addressing all the problems faced by women engineers in their field work and table work during their engineering professional practice.
 Being single in group of 20 and being 5 in group of 48 has become the norms for her. She feel good when cooperating with all the male peers; however, She want more female peers in engineering and technical sectors to empower her society along with her country. All of us know that our society has some norms and mores about female capacities. No matter how equally capable women are, the society always doubted on our professional skills.
 Of Course! Engineering Charm in women has been increased in statistics from decades back. However women are still lagging by multiple times. It is possible when woman go forth with awareness in local bodies, different scholarship schemes, and increment in reservation seats in Engineering Colleges and with guaranteed job placement for the female engineers.
She promise to be with  all women engineers in their ups and down in their professional practice. Peer learning programs between women engineers, knowledge transfer from seniors to juniors and better participation on every technical project would be her first priority for entire women engineers. The major thing PEAN lady leaders want to do is to augment the female quota in the engineering colleges until there will be the equal scenario. She need our votes and She will fulfill her promises very soon.
Let’s all Nepalese people encourage and make her dream come true. We need more women like her not only in engineering field but in all fields.

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