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With the help of CCTV more then 8000 drivers face actions in a year

The Traffic Police have taken actions against drivers of 8,939 vehicles for breaching traffic rules with the help of CC camera.

In the fiscal year 2075/76, the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division held the drivers violating traffic rules in different parts of Kathmandu Valley acting on CC camera footage.

Action was taken against 5,314 drivers through traffic teams mobilized on the roads from the control room of Ranipokhari traffic office while 1,997 faced music with the help of its CC camera footage.

Likewise, 1,069 were slapped actions through surveillance vehicle and other cameras.

According to Basanta Pant, metropolitan traffic police chief and Senior Superintendant of Police (SSP) ”CC camera was instrumental in their job to take actions against the traffic rule violators”.

“CC camera has been very useful in ending the tendency of violating traffic rules in physical absence of traffic police”, he said added.

Valley Traffic Police have been using CC camera to check rampant traffic violation since January 2017.

The Division has also devised other instruments such as dash board camera, Gropo camera and body own camera to that end.

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