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Winter season in Nepal

Nepal is country where we can feel  all kinds of weather and season and one of them is winter season.The climate of Kathmandu valley can be taken as a standard. Summer: (May-August) is hottest season of Nepal. Hot but dry days are more comfortable than those of Monsoon days which are hot and humid.Autumn: (September to November) begins with the end of Monsoon and ends with beginning of winter in November.

 Cold months are November till February. Winter days are also dry days with a few rains. Typical day of Kathmandu valley in winter season is as warm as 20 degree Celsius in a sunny days but night temperature falls below freezing. The little rains in winter are due to Mediterranean activities. Hence the winter rainfall in western Nepal has more rain than those of eastern Nepal.

Gokyo valley and gokyo lake

Climatic conditions of Nepal vary from one place to another in accordance with the geographical features. In the northern summers are cool and winters severe, while in south, summers are tropical and winters are mild. Nepal has namely five major seasons: spring, summer, monsoon, autumn and winter. An average temperature drop of 6°C occurs for every 1,000 m gain in altitude. In the Terai, summer temperatures exceed 37° C and higher in some areas, winter temperatures range from 7°C to 23°C in the Terai. In mountainous regions, hills and valleys summers are temperate while winter temperatures can plummet under sub zero. The valley of Kathmandu has a pleasant climate with average summer and winter temperatures of 19°C – 35°C and 2°C – 12°C respectively. The Himalayas act as a barrier to the cold winds blowing from Central Asia in winter, and forms the northern boundary of the monsoon wind patterns. Eighty percent of the precipitation is received during the monsoon (June-September).

Winter rains are more pronounced in the western hills. The average annual rainfall is 1,600 mm, but it varies by eco-climatic zones, such as 3,345 mm in Pokhara and below 300 mm in Mustang. An interesting fact is that there is no seasonal constraint on traveling in and through Nepal. Even in December and January, when winter is at its severest, there are compensating bright sun and brilliant views. As with most of the trekking areas in Nepal, the best time to visit are during spring and autumn. Spring is the time for rhododendrons while the clearest skies are found after the monsoon in October and November. However, Nepal can be visited the whole year round.

Winter season of exploratory ski touring in the Himalayas of Nepal.  Annapurna base camp  have a trip running to ski and split board tour there.

Nepal enjoys winter season during December-February. The temperature reaches almost the freezing point during these months, while hilly regions experience rough weather and heavy snowfall. Best time for viewing snowfall and clear weather and environment and the Mountains. Where ever we go and visit in this season we can get clean scene from all places of Nepal.

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