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Why visit Kathamndu, Nepal ??

This city hosts beautiful palaces, mansions and ancient temples. It is the hub of art and crafts, history , culture and economy of Nepal .This city not only houses a number of ancient temples, shrines, pagodas but is also up to date in terms of luxury hotels, spas , bars, restaurants and casinos.

Some of the places to see here in Kathmandu

Swayambhu Temple

Swayambhunath Temple is also “Monkey Temple” Swayambhu means Self-Manifested or Self-Sprung. It is one of the most visited and loved place in Kathmandu.

2.Pullahari Monestary

Pullahari is ideal for cultivating deeper insight into the Buddha dharma. Monks engage intensively in prayers, scriptures, rituals, and dedications for temporal benefit of beings and ultimate retaliation.

3.  Basantpur Tower

Near the kathmandu Darbar Square, this is one of the tallest towers of the sqaure. Basantpur Tower means the ‘ The palace of the Spring ’


4.  Pashupatinath Temple



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