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What Are The Requirements To Apply for Stock Broker and Stock Dealer License?

In order to apply for Stock Broker and Stock Dealer, the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) has issued an invitation to all qualified institutions.

The inclusion of securities brokers and securities dealers in the securities market is required to expand the accessibility of the securities market to normal investors. The securities market can be developed and expanded, and its services and quality can be improved to be clean, fair, transparent, and competitive. Those who wish to do so are urged to submit an application.

The procedure for providing licenses to organized organizations or institutions that intend to conduct business as securities brokers and securities dealers under the following requirements has been published.

  1. Organizations willing to conduct securities business as brokers and dealers must submit an application to the Board within 30 days of the date of publication of this notice (Brokers and Securities Dealers) Regulations, 2064, along with all required supporting documentation, in accordance with the Securities Act, 2063, its rules, and applicable laws. If the last day to submit the application falls on a public holiday, the application may still be filed the following day, when the office is open, during regular business hours.
  2. The application should be sent to the SEBON and clearly include the applicant’s name and address.
  3. It is necessary to provide the paperwork and information outlined in the Securities Regulations, 2064.
  4. No action will be taken on applications that have been filed improperly after the deadline has passed, or with any conditions.
  5. The Board reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications submitted under the notice.


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