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We Are Living In A Republic Not A Rape-Public

Now a days rape case in Nepal has been increasing day by day. Some man are becoming so evil and doing these kind of crime. The people who do such type of crime they don’t have feelings, mercy, love and any humanity. Some are born like these not by birth but by time and situation. We only hear that most of rape-case happen in India only but now in Nepal it is day to day basis. 

Why people are doing this and what is the cause behind this no one knows. There is no age limit in this type of case no matter what age, who is she they are just in one thing just to do rape and murder. Our children, sister, daughter are not safe now. When and where they are rape and murder no one knows. ”We are living in a republic country not a rape-public” all girl and women have their right to live, go anywhere, have fun and enjoyment. Now are country is republic so all have their equal rights to live and get justice if they were being victim by anyone. 

We can see this in Nirmala pant’s rape and murder case too. It is almost 6 month cross but she and her family  haven’t got justice till now. There is being investigating and research about her rape case and murder. The Nepalese government haven’t fine the true rapist and murderer. Who is the rapist and why did he do that it is still unsolved. Police are also giving their best to find the true rapist and want to give justice to Pant’s and her family.

Nepalese women are now afraid and feel unsecure to go anywhere alone. They are afraid of being victim anytime, anywhere. It is our Nepal government priority and responsible to make strong laws, rules and regulations to make women feel safe and give the strong punishment to the rapist. Women don’t feel safe in their home, schools, college, office and different places they go.If we can do this than their  will be no more rape case of innocent girl and women.

It is not only the duty and responsible of Nepal government but we the citizens of Nepalese people also. If government and Nepalese citizens are aware of this kind of crime than this can be reduce. Girls and women should be given training to protect themselves from such people. We can organize different awareness program and self-defense should be taught to girls and women.  

We hope this kind of crime will be end soon in Nepal and all girls and women feel safe wherever they go and work. 


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