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Water Level Rises In Koshi River, 38 Doors Opened

The incessant rainfall from Thursday has increased the flow of Saptakoshi River from Friday morning.

38 out of 56 doors of the Koshi Barrage have been opened after the water volume in the river increased.

The District Police Office have said that the flow of the Koshi river at the barrage was measured at 256,615 cusec Friday morning.

The settlements near Koshi corridor have been asked to stay alert.

According to Saptari District Administration Office, the water pressure has increased in western bank in Nepal’s side up to 19 Kilometers from the barrage.

After the Indian Koshi Project installed plight channel in the middle of Koshi five years ago, the flow of Koshi River was turned to west.

Satish Kumar Singh, Ward Chair of Tilathi Koiladi Rural Municipality, said that locals of one ward in the village were at high risk if flooding occured in the Koshi.

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