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VTEN Arrested!

Singer/rapper VTEN was arrested from Jawalakhel on Thursday! The rapper was taken to custody on charges of singing and promoting vulgar languages and on his songs. Born in Rautahat, VTEN rose to fame with his famous track ‘Churot’. 

It’s fair to say that VTEN is ‘the’ most famous rapper in Nepal right now. His last few songs have gone on to trend #1 on YouTube which includes ‘Yestai Ta Ho Ni’, ‘Katha’, and ‘Cyper (Psycho EP) among few. Controversies have surrounded VTEN ever since he got into the limelight as a musician. 

Earlier on Tuesday, singer Durgesh Thapa too was arrested on charges of promoting narcotics in his song ‘Happy Tihar’. He immediately deleted the song from his YouTube channel from the police station. 

What do you think of the government’s crackdown on musicians? Do you support the move or do you think its suppression of freedom of speech? Let us know.

Image Credit: VTEN’s Facebook Page

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