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Veggie prices ease on sufficient production

The average retail prices of vegetables have dropped due to sufficient production and adequate supply. Prices of vegetables such as potato, cabbage, onion, green peas, sword beans, mushroom and broccoli have dropped.

However, vegetables such as tomatoes and cauliflowers have seen their prices surge due to lack of supply.

According to Binaye Shrestha, deputy general manager at Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Development Board Committee, adequate supply of seasonal vegetables from nearby districts decreased prices in the market. “Price fluctuation is normal based on the production and supply of vegetables in the market,” he said.

Prices of potato red and white have decreased by 26.15 and 21.82 percent respectively. The retail price of potato red which was Rs65 per kg a month before has now fallen to Rs48 per kg. Similarly, a kg of potato white has seen prices ease to Rs43 from Rs55. 

Meanwhile, the prices of vegetables such as tomato big, cauliflower local and Terai have increased. The prices of tomato big which cost Rs45 per kg a month ago is now priced at Rs75 per kg, a surge of 66.67 percent. Shrestha said that the dropping temperature has impacted the production and supply of tomato, which led to a spike in prices.

Similarly prices of cauliflower local and cauliflower terai have both increased by 22.22 percent and 28.57 percent respectively. A kilo of cauliflower local now costs Rs55 while a kilo of cauliflower terai is priced at Rs45. 

Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Development Board Committee typically receives 700 to 750 tonnes of vegetable on a daily basis. Most of the supply comes from Palung, Kavre, Makwanpur, Dhading, Chitwan and Bhaktapur.


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