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To marry Nepali man Pakistani woman travels to Nepal

An IT engineering student Amna Safik, 22, of Rawalpindi from Pakistan came to Nepal last month to get married to an overseer student Sudin Acharya, 23, whom she met on Facebook two years ago.

On Sunday, they  tied the knot in the court in the presence of Judge Prakash Prasad Pandit and Acharya’s parents.

“It’s a unique marriage; a love story like no other,” said Pandit. According to Safik, her parents, who have given their consent to the marriage, couldn’t attend the ceremony. In their absence, Safik filed her marriage application with Pakistani citizenship, educational certificates and a recommendation from Baglung Municipality-12.

” In most cases of inter-religion marriages, either the bride or the groom decides to convert to their significant other’s religion. However, this wasn’t the case for the Hindu groom and the Muslim bride” said pandit.

Acharya said“We will not ask each other to convert. We both will practice our own religions,”


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