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The minimum temperature of Kathmandu is 2 degrees

Kathmandu – The minimum temperature of Kathmandu’s capital Kathmandu has fallen to 2 degrees. With lesser minimum temperatures, the valley has felt more cold throughout the country. According to the latest details of weather forecast supermarkets, minimum temperature of Kathmandu is 2.6 and maximum temperature is 17.7 degrees Celsius on Tuesday.

On Monday, the minimum temperature of Kathmandu was 3.5 and the maximum temperature was 18 degrees Celsius. Mahu Shasha weathermasters Raju Pradangang said that if the minimum temperatures remain at 2 to 3 degrees in a few days now, they will still increase the cold. “We are in the middle of the winter, and there will be more cold in January, so it seems to be aware of the cold,” he said.

People have felt some relief due to the cleaner sunset even though the minimum temperature decreases. The minimum junior minimum temperature has reached minus 7.2 degree Celsius. Similarly, minimum temperature of Deepalp, Dadeldhura and Virendranagar has 2 degrees Celsius. Today, most of Biratnagar’s minimum 9.5 and maximum temperature of 26.4, minimum 5 minimum temperature and maximum temperature is 26.5 degree Celsius.

In the meantime, the forecast for the weather forecast for the next three days is to be partially changed in the eastern mountainous terrain of the country and the weather will generally be clean in other places. Even in part of the night, the normal change will be changed from the part of the western region, where there is a chance of light snow in the extreme Himalayas of western Himalayas.

Tomorrow on Wednesday, the western and central parts of the country will be changed from usual to normal and will be changed normally in the eastern hill. There is a possibility of light snow in some parts of the western and central high mountainous region of the country.

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