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The historical weapon of Amaragadi Fort disappeared

Deddhudhura political activities are also discussed in the historic Amaragadi of the Superintendent of Kashmir. Shaheed is due to the birthplace of Bhimdutt Pant and then various activities have come from Nepalese politics.

In the entry of the fort, the elderly elderly Amarsingh Thapa is the title. ‘I am a tiger, do not think I’m a dog-dog.’ Nobody knows if there is such a fortress’s historic weapon. During Nepal integration dozens of weapons used by the war to fight with the British empire and dozens of gunmen missing five cannabis have not yet been found. Three decades after the archaeological significance of the weapon from the fort, the main administrative office in Nepal with the integration of the British and the British, has not even been interested in searching for the government bodies.

The fortress, who is in use of the army and conservation of the army, has been under the control of the municipality for seven years as well. According to locals, five guns, 50 guns, a dozen Bhimsen drawer guns and some domestic weapons were in the fort. The villagers Amar Singh thapa founded in 1847, in the fort, the locals have been depressed due to lack of historical and old arms used during the time of Nepal integration.

Experts say the first fort of the living fort of Nepal’s Amaragadi Fort is said. The only fort and Sindhuliigadi fort is the only story of archeology department, such as a living fort. Locals say locals, who are currently gunned down in the historic fort in Dadeldhura’s headquarters, cannon, guns, domestic bears, and military weapons and military garments, are still not present in the fight against the British. During the time of Nepal integration, Bajadakaji Thapa made the Deddhudura of Dotali state a base and this Amaragadi fort was considered as the main base for the fight against Kumu Gadwal. Locals of 82-year-old Kare Dum have experienced experience of guns and domestic weapons used in the war, due to the reason that the villagers have been stabbing each other in a fortnight of Kalpati during ten years each.

According to him, at that time, Khadgalal was named after the royal army named Gan, and later he took along with the weapons inside the fort. Then no soldier broke the weapon in the fort. At that time, Bhimsen was a gutter at the fort, and it was covered by clothes of cloth in the year of 1999. Kiran Shrestha, who lives in the fort at the fort, five guns, dozens of domestic weapons, 100 guns, bombs inside the wall, separate houses, ammunitions, and other war materials. Now the tourists who visit the fort do not see any weapons. In the year 2054, the municipality formed the name of Amaragadi Fort, named Amaragadi Fort, after the establishment of Amurgadhi Municipality in the name of Amgaraghi fort in 2056 years. In the year 2058, after the Maoist war was given to protect the district due to the Maoist war, the army was banned in Hindldul even after the Nepalese army took control of it. From 2058 to 2066 the army was about to die.

Amaragadi Municipality has found responsibility for monitoring and conducting the fort again from December 2066, after repeated attempts of locals. Even after the opening of the entrance to the tourists, the photograph has been approved since the year 206. Historical background Amaragadi fort is situated at the top of the district headquarters, about 6,500 500 ft Deddhudura from the ocean surface. During the reign of the then 5 Sri Rana Bahadur Shah and Nepal’s integration in the name of Prince Bahadur Shah on 1847, on the occasion of Sunday, on the occasion of Sunday, on the occasion of Sunday, on the occasion of Sunday, the ten-year-old soldier of ten companies led by Captain Ranvir Khatri was a fierce war.

So after the defeat of the Gatekhali army in the battlefield, the Dotali army was defeated, and the Dotti kingdom also came to Gavin in the Great Nepal Empire and Amarsingh Thapa came as the first administrator of this area to strengthen and expand the good governance of the land. Thapa has set up Amaragadi fort to continue the victory of the region and Mahakali’s innings victory.

After the construction of the fort, Sardar Amarsingh Thapa, Kazaji Jagtit Pandey, Captain Golaya, Ranvir Khatri Subba, etc., led by the army led the fortress. On the middle of the Kalikumu ‘Search’ campaign, while surrounded by a pistol, King Mohan Chand of Kumuma in Rangoli attacked the Gorakhali army. They were defeated because of the Gorkhali soldiers not aware at this time. After some time, the rivalry of Amarsingh Thapa and the unprecedented performance of the Gorkhali soldiers, after losing victory over the opponent, was placed at the camp at a fortress camping under the Amgradhi fort. Because of this huge fort, it has also become a historical and strategic significance since the 1873 British victory has been successful.

The construction of a huge stone built in Amar Singh Thunderwood is artificial construction and caves have been built around that fort constructed stone. Many war-tied warriors have been used for military use of success and the session-blocking routes of the enemy. Thick tree on the fort has enhanced its interest, its religious and strategic significance has come after the replacement of the temple of Ubharkar in the middle of the fort.

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