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Taxi drivers seek increase in fares

Cabbies across the country have launched a campaign demanding that the government form a joint task force, comprising all stakeholders, to set up a scientific fare determination system.


All the cabbies in Kathmandu valley are required to provide service on fare-meter, but very few are found doing so. Cab owners and drivers have expressed dissatisfaction with the fare rates determined by the government.

Organising a press meet in Kathmandu, cabbies said they would not follow the fare-meter if the government did not revise the rate set in 2012.

Rajendra Sharma, vice-president of All Nepal Transport Workers, said the government was defaming the cab industry while turning a deaf ears to their demands. He said, “It is not that we don’t want fare-meter system to be implemented properly, but we want the government address our demands.”

Cabbies said the fare rate set six years ago needed to be revised. They said a taxi that cost Rs 1.2 million
then cost Rs 1.6 million now. They said the government should reconsider the fare rate keeping in view market inflation.

The government has set a fare of Rs 39 per kilometre for cabs and an additional Rs 14 on the total fare.

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