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Snowfall affects life in Humla

In winter various part of Nepal we can see the snowfall and we can enjoy it too. It is sure that when winter begins than snowfall occur in various district of Nepal. Nepal is a country with all season and all the sightseeing places we can go and take the view and enjoy with it.  We can enjoy and play with snow.  

 Snowfall in different parts of Humla since last night has affected normal life in the district. Limi, Muchu, Tilgaun and other villages in the northern belt in the district have witnessed snowfall since last midnight, affecting life and movements of the people, according to Ratna Bhandari, a journalist working in the district.

The Namkha Rural Municipality received snow as deep as one foot, it is said. District headquarters in Simkot has seen a dip in temperature following the snowfall.

This is the second time that the district witnessed snowfall this winter.

Life will be tough and hard this time because of cold and chill air. The air and water all are too cold for the livelihood of people. Tourist are more engage in this time. The lake will be frozen and we can take the best scene this time.


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