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Six Industries Penalized For Flouting Standards

The Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology has punished six industries for not adhering to the Nepal Standards.

The decision to penalize the industries was reached after a sample taken of the goods produced by those industries showed that the quality standards were not met. The samples were collected during a surprise monitoring carried out in the local market.

The NBSM on Friday took legal action against the Reliance Supertech Cement private limited, Bara, International Cement private limited, Parsa, Everest Gas Industry private limited, Kathmandu, Agni Cement, Rupandehi, Sarbottam Cement, Nawalparasi and Kamal Rolling Mills, Morang. Among them, the license of Reliance Cement and International Cement has been annulled, while the license of Everest Gas has been withheld. Likewise, clarification has been sought from other industries.
The action was taken as per Rule 16 of Nepal Standards (accreditation mark) Acts, 2037 and its regulations, said the Bureau Director General Biswababu Pudasaini. During the lockdown imposed to stem the spread of the Corona Virus, the Bureau had collected nearly 100 samples of goods produced by various industries across the country.

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