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Singha Durbar to be modifies

The National Reconstruction Authority has decided to preserve the original structure of the main complex of Singha Durbar through retrofitting.

Earlier, the NRA had announced that it had started retrofitting only the northern, eastern and southern parts of the historical and iconic building.

NRA initiated the process of retrofitting the western face of Singha Durbar as well, following the findings of a recent study which showed that retrofitting is more effective than reconstruction work in terms of preserving ancient monuments by retaining their originality, according to NRC Chief Executive Officer Sushil Gyawali. He was responding to queries of lawmakers at a meeting of Development and Technology Committee of the Federal Parliament today.

“According to findings of the study, walls of the ancient building had not suffered major damage. Therefore, we decided not to demolish the western face,” Gyawali said. The work of drawing and designing the western side for retrofitting has been finalised.  Archaeologists had for long urged the government not to demolish the building and had insisted on renovating it by using traditional methods, arguing that demolition could pale its original artistic form.

Consultants have also submitted a report saying the building can be strengthened through retrofitting.

According to Gyawali Singha Durbar would be retrofitted following conceptual guidelines on preservation of archaeological heritages and monuments. The iconic and landmark structure of the government’s administrative headquarters was damaged in the 2015 earthquakes.

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