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Significant signature between Nepal and Manama Press Council

The agreement was signed between Press Council Nepal and Manma Press Council for sharing cooperation. Press Council Nepal, acting President Kishore Shrestha and Oman Press Council president Oman Keingus signed the agreement today.

In the understanding letter, two councils have included topics such as information, experience and exchange of journalism, level media education, and enhancement of media professionals, promotion of ethical journalism, and training.

“The seminar will be shared, workshop, organizing and journalism experience will be shared”, said in a memorandum. Press Council Nepal welcomed the nine-member team including Manma and President of Press Council of Sri Lanka, on Wednesday.

With the aim of visiting Lumbini, Pokhara, Chitwan, Palpa and Kathmandu, five team members including Sri Lankan Press Council president Shumla Kogalala Belalaga and KING President of Manma Press Council came to Kathmandu. The press conference Nepal Shrestha Shrestha issued the press code of conduct by issuing a press code of conduct and informed about the activities of the Council as well as classification of documents.

President of the Sri Lanka Press Council, Kiggalla Bellegega, and Manmama’s president, 9-year-old Oman Keing, expressed the confidence that relations with Nepal would be more friendly. 

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