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Journalist Salikram Pudasaini death mystery

The preliminary investigation of police has found that journalist Salikram Pudasaini’s death was due to demotivation.

The journalist, who was found hanging in the Hotel Kangaroo at Narayangadh in Chitwan on Monday, was working with the Mountain Television. He was associated with News 24 television until two months ago.

According to Superintendent of Police (SP) Dan Bahadur Malla at the District Police Office, Chitwan, police found two videos in his mobile phone which unravels the reason to be demotivation behind his suicide.

SP Malla shared that in those 8-minute and 3-minute videos, Pudasaini had mentioned that he was going to kill himself due to some persons.

In those videos, according to SP Malla, Pudashaini has also mentioned about this property details and asked his spouse to stay with his family cordially as he would be no more.

Furthermore, police discovered the stash of anti-depression medicines with Pudasaini. He was learned to have taken the medicine for quite a while.

Pudasaini’s neighbour and Belkotgadhi Municipaliy-3 ward member Deepak Puadasaini informed that the journalist had recorded in the video that he had chosen to kill himself due to two of his colleagues and a woman.

Police ought to lunch a probe into Pudasaini’s death according to the video, concluded his neighbour Pudasaini. Prior to finding the video, Pudasaini’s death was assumed to be a murder. The videos have added another dimension to his death.

The body of the deceased has been taken to Kathmandu. The final rites of Pudasaini will be performed today while legal consultations will be made for further procedure, according to the deceased’s neighbour Pudashaini.

Police has not made all the details on the death public, stating that it was looking into this case minutely. Considering the chance of the case being influenced, SP Malla said that all the details could not be divulged.

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