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Science Award Is Won by Nepali Women

“The society goes ahead when the women goes ahead, the world goes ahead when knowledge goes before science” When women go before science, then the home country is going ahead with the world the presence of women in the classical class or the intellectuals around the world is almost identical.

The countries in which countries (Iran, America, Korea etc) It is obvious that the country is very powerful before. There are many such stories in Nepal where women are changing home society and thinking to cover hidden stories and characters.

Women_In_Science_Award is going to be held soon. If you are eligible for something in your home community, then get them Exposure in WISA_2019.

Women in Science Award highlights major contributions by female scientists to life sciences research. Winners of the award are inspiring role models for future generations of women in science.

If we give chance to women then they can get success in any filed with their knowledge and skill and powerful whims they can achieve what they want. We must encourage women in every sector and give them positive vibes that yes you can do and you will be success.

In Nepal we have also many talented and educated women we should encourage them and make them participate in every filed and show their talent.

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