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Sandeep Chhetri Famous Stand Up Comedian Of Nepal

One of the most talented and prominent rising comedian Sandeep Chhetri is mostly known for his best show ‘What The Flop’ that features on Kantipur Television. Kantipur television is one of the most famous television channels that has been established a few years ago. He there entertains the audience with his caricature roles and funny imitating activities.
His shows mainly satires the Nepal’s political leaders and their works and also it gives a clear concept about how their internal trend is. Besides he seems to be one of the trending Comedian of Nepal and people believe that in the nearer future to come he would be seen as one of the top comedians in the world. It is his voice changing capabilities and his acting goodness that makes him the best comedian ever.

He has also given his roles in some of the great movies of Nepal. Some of his movies include How Funny (2016), Red Monsoon (2014) and Woda Number 6 (2015). Although it is not known when he started his career to the most we can say that his choice of his career is best than any other for him. This good-looking actor or say comedian post his short movies in YouTube and popular movie director hire him for such kind of jokes in the  YouTube channel. We can subscribe his YouTube channel and thus we can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Besides we can personally meet at the time he is into his shows that features in National Television Kantipur.


He has done his master’s level in Commerce from Tribhuvan University. He is living together with his father, mother and his wife in Kathmandu. He has struggled from a very young age that proves success does not need to come from your family background or your family. Belonging to a middle-class family he has been successful to achieve a lot and is the Top Comedian of Nepal.

Married Life

It has been known that he is married to his beautiful wife Samikshya Poudel. We can see him with his wife in some of the TV interviews we have created. His wife so good as him and she also has some acting career. People believe that his wife is the source of motivation and inspiration for his works. Also, he has himself stated through his social networking sites that he finds his wife helpful in his career and she has always been the source of inspiration. This loving actor has also dated some beautiful girls in his young life before he got married.

Regarding his family life, he has not given some clues about his father and mother. However, we can get in touch with his Facebook profile to get each and every updates.

Chhetri always makes us laugh and crack jokes and made comedy on the spot. Chhetri is now one of the famous and best comedian of Nepal and he has given his comedy show almost half of countries. He is called and given to show his comedy in different events and programs. 


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