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‘RPP to cooperate if NC takes former’s side to establish Hindu state’

Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Chairperson Kamal Thapa has said that the party would cooperate with Nepali Congress party if the latter took RPP’s side to establish the country as Hindu state.

Addressing the programme organised by Media Nepal in Pokhara today, Thapa has said that RPP which alone has drawn up the agenda of Hindu state is no more alone since the members participating in the NC Maha Samiti Meeting have also stressed to establish the country as Hindu state. RPP Chair Thapa opined that such a phenomenon would further pile pressure to establish Hindu state.

Thapa said that RPP would launch Mechi-Mahakali People’s Struggle campaign from February 19 demanding to establish Hindu state, Constitutional monarchy and dismissal of the federal system.

On the occasion, RPP Chair Thapa suggested that NC should follow the fundamental BP path or late BP Koirala’s ideologies. He also reminded that once BP had stated that Nepal could not be an independent nation without the monarchy.

He expressed his belief that together with the two-thirds majority of Communist party in the parliament the foreign interference in the internal affairs of the country has also increased.

He said that presently people in the country were more interested in the monarchical system rather than the federal system.

The RPP chair also suggested that some agitating and disgruntled groups were active in dividing the country with faction and intrigue which the government should prevent.

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