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PUBG, mobile games driving smartphone sales in Nepal

As the smartphone market heats up, smartphone manufacturers are going above and beyond to get a leg up on the competition.

“Can this run PUBG smoothly?” is a question asked by many customers in Nepal when buying a new smartphone. The wildly popular game requires a powerful smartphone for the best gaming experience and Nepali customers are doing their research before putting down their money for a PUBG ready smartphone.

They are opting to buy mid-range smartphones from Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi among others. These smartphones typically cost anywhere from Rs25,000 to Rs40,000.

And companies are embracing the gaming needs of customers by equipping their smartphones with ever powerful processors, ample storage and innovative designs, all while keeping prices affordable.

“Around 45 percent of smartphones ranging from Rs25,000– Rs40,000 are being sold specially for their gaming ability,” said Miraj Gurung, training and product manager at Call Mobility, the authorised distributor of Huawei smartphones.

He said that popular titles like PUBG, a graphically demanding game, are contributing to the surge in smartphone sales. “Our sales started spiking with the introduction of PUBG and similar games nearly a year ago,” he said.

It is the same situation at Vivo Nepal. Saugat Dhungana, brand executive at Vivo Nepal said that sales have jumped by nearly 30 percent with the introduction of PUBG. Gamers who want to play the game on the go are looking for a good processor combined with ample RAM before buying a new smartphone, he said.

The company ran out of stock within 10 days after the launch of the V15 Pro a month ago, he said. The gaming feature on the V15 series is resonating with customers, he said.


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