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Politics Of Nepal

We all know our politics is based on the policy which are based on our neighboring country similar to India. Our political leader made the constitution based on the basis of India which is too shameful for us Nepalese people.

The political system of Nepal is too poor comparing to other countries. Politics and System are the two main keys for the development of every country.

If our political leader made constitution based on our Nepali scenario than our country will be in top list now. But it is not happening till now because of our political leader. Politics is the main thing and reason which country is depend on what it will be in near future.

Our economic growth, system and other related things. If one’s country politics is best than country can grow their potential and energy to develop it’s all natural resources and true value of materials. Our politics are all corrupted from top to bottom so how can we take competition and sell our items all over the world it is shameless to called us Nepali and people of Nepal to other because of our politics.

So if our politics is changed and political leaders are changed than we can be most powerful and best country on the world all people will be happy and fell proud of themselves.

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