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Police Take Action Against DSP Lamsal For ‘Beating’ Doctors

Kathmandu, Apr. 16: Metropolitan Police Office, Ranipokhari, has pulled out Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and in-charge at Metropolitan Police Circle, Maharajgunj, Umesh Lamsal, from his
responsibility after police deployed from his office were found manhandling three doctors Wednesday night.
DSP Lamsal was brought at the MPO, Ranipokhari, for further grilling.
The MPO has formed a three-member investigation committee headed by Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Kiran Bajracharya at the MPO, SP Mukesh Singh and DSP Hobindra Bogati. The committee was given responsibility to investigate and report the finding to the MPO at the earliest, SSP Shyam Lal Gyawali said.
Other police staffers involved in the act were also brought to the office of MPO.
According to the MPO, three doctors — Shambhu Khanal, Tej Prakash Sah and Bikash Sah were beaten up by the police while they were returning home from the hospital at 8:00 pm on Wednesday.
Following objections from multiple associations of doctors regarding the beating of three resident doctors by police officers, the Metropolitan Police Office has started an investigation into the incident.
“We have formed the committee to investigate into the issue and furnish truth of what actually happened,” SSP Gyawali, spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Office, told The Rising Nepal this morning.
On Wednesday evening, Dr Khanal and Dr Tej Prakash Sah, resident doctors working at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital and Dr Bikash Sah working at Kanti Children’s Hospital had accused police officers of Metropolitan Police Circle, Maharajgunj of beating them with batons.
They were returning to their residence after completing their shifts at respective hospitals.
Dr Tej Prakash Sah is said to have sustained injuries in his hand and back.
As per the trio, the police baton-charged on them though they disclosed their identity through ID cards, and informed that they had just returned after completing their shifts. The incident occurred behind Kanti
Children’s Hospital.
Following the incident, various doctors’ associations had issued press statements demanding investigation and action against the police officers.
The associations had also cited the government’s decision of April 4 when the Home Ministry had directed to safeguard health personnel and take necessary action against the ones creating hurdles in the work of health personnel.
However, associations said that the concerned authorities were doing the opposite.
“If no action is taken against the ones involved in the incident, it will affect the overall health services across the country at a time when we are fighting against a global pandemic,” read the press statement released by Nepal Medical Association.
Along with Nepal Medical Association, National Resident Doctors Association, an association of resident doctors at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, and Resident Association of NAMS, an association of resident doctors at National Academy of Medical Sciences, had also demanded immediate action agaisnst the police officers involved in the incident.
“If the process for action against the ones involved in the incident does not begin, we will be forced to take stringent steps,” read the statement of National Resident Doctors Association.
Similarly, Resident Association of NAMS had also warned of a severe step if the concerned authorities did not take stringent action against the wrong-doers.
With objections and strong condemnations of doctors over the incident during the risk of COVID-19 in the country, police have pledged to take necessary action after the investigating team submitted the report.

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