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Over 9,000 Vehicles Seized For Defying Lockdown

The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) has taken action against over 9,000 vehicles and arrested 21 drivers for driving under influence (DUI) in the three weeks of lockdown.

SSP Bhim Prasad Dhakal of MTPD said the vehicle passes of all the arrested drivers were also terminated.
SSP Dhakal said the traffic system had been tightened since Thursday as it was found that more people were violating lockdown without any emergency.

The government has imposed the nationwide lo@ckdown to control the transmission of the coronavirus pandemic, and some people who managed to get the vehicle pass from the District Administration Offices were found driving under influence of alcohol by misusing the passes, SSP Dhakal said.
“The lockdown has been strictly implemented since Thursday,” SSP Dhakal said. Some 500 vehicles were brought under control on Thursday alone, he added.

According to SSP Dhakal, except for the vehicles carrying food items and medicines, private and government cars as well as vehicles of press are also questioned about the purpose of their travel.
Currently, some 1400 traffic police personnel are on duty in the Kathmandu.

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