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Nirmala murder case: New DNA test results also negative

The DNA test results of four more suspects in the rape and murder case of Nirmala Panta have also come out negative.

Only a week ago DNA samples of four suspects, who have not been made public, was collected and sent to Central Police Forensic Science Laboratory in Kathmandu.

The report on the DNA tests have been submitted by the Laboratory to Kanchanpur District Police Office. Deputy Superintendent of Police Krishna Ojha accepted the report on behalf of Kanchanpur DPO. DSP Ojha reached Kanchanpur along with the report on Thursday evening.

According to him, the report was opened only on Friday morning, and they have come out negative, leaving the case as mysterious as before.

Earlier, DNA tests had been conducted on the samples collected from the then police chief of Kanchanpur Dilli Bista, 41-year-old Dilip Singh Bista who was framed for the crime, Aayush Bista and Kiran Bista of Bhimdattanagar. The results of their DNA tests had also come out negative.

With such turn of events, the case seems to be moving in no certain direction. Finding the perpetrator(s) and bringing them to book remains a far-fetched vision.

In this contest, Nirmala’s father Ekraj Panta said, there is nothing new in the DNA results coming out negative. “How will the DNA tests come out positive when evidences have been destroyed in a planned manner from the very beginning.”

Likewise, rights activist Sarada Chand opined that results have not been achieved in Nirmala’s favour as evidences have been destroyed to shield the guilty.

Meanwhile, the sit-in protest carried out by Nirmala’s parents demanding justice for their daughter has continued for the sixth day today.

The civil-struggle committee of the district has supported Nirmala’s parents. Human rights activists have also joined the Panta family in the ongoing protest.

Today marks the 114th day since 13-year-old Nirmala was raped and murdered in Kanchanpur district.

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