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Nine suspension bridges being constructed in limbo

Owing to the sheer ignorance of contractors in the supply of materials, nine suspension bridges being constructed in the district are in limbo.

In a severe breach of contract, construction of the bridges linking different villages in the district has exceeded the stipulated timeline due to lack of timely delivery of bridge construction materials.

The responsibility for the delivery of construction materials for four suspension bridges was taken by Sonam Lama of Tarsi Cargo Transportation Service while Deepak Rawal of Arjun Construction and Order Suppliers was awarded the contract for the supply of construction materials for seven bridges.

According to the contract, the construction had to be completed in the fiscal year 2017-18.

Among the planned ones, suspension bridges over Porigaun rivulet at Nepka village in Chankheli Rural Municipality and Chafetadi in Adachali Rural Municipality have been constructed.

The constriction of suspension bridges at Muchu, Burause Ghatekhola, Thandikhola Thehe, Sikpakhola, Chartangre Chaumanphaya, Dhakanikuna Shreenagar, Machharikhola Kalika, Kharkhola, Darma Mimi Forigaunkhola, Balukhola and Gothi Radikot should have been completed within the current fiscal year.

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