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New Variants Of Coronavirus Found

One more Nepali died of coronavirus abroad this week. According to the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), the death is from the United Kingdom and with this, the number of Nepali succumbing to the viral disease in different 21 countries has reached 336.

NRNA’s health committee coordinator Sanjiv Sapkota informed that as of Saturday evening, 60,630 Nepalis in several 50 countries were confirmed contracting the virus and the recovery rate is 97 percent because 59,120 had got recuperation.

According to  Committee further  more number of Nepalis were infected with the virus in Sweden, Spain, Poland, Seychelles, the UK, the UAE and the Saudi Arabia.

Back in the country, 2,061 people have lost their lives to the virus and 2073,263 infected. It is followed by 269611 (98.7 percent) recovery cases.

Health experts have said anti-Covid-19 vaccines which are presently on the use are safe. Such vaccines were brought into use following a long research and trial.

Stating that different four variants of coronavirus have been seen and the vaccines are effective for new variants as well The UK, California, and the Asian and South African continents reported the new variants of the SARS COV-2. The preliminary research suggests the new variants are more infectious than the old one. The NRNA Health Committee has appealed for encouraging participation in the vaccination campaign.

The Committee stated individuals on medication for several chronic diseases can take the vaccine. However, pregnant, lactating women and those planning for conception are not suggested for the vaccination. The vaccine is not recommended for those below 18 years and prescribed for medical consultations if required to take the vaccine, the Committee said.

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