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Nepalese People like to see Nirmala getting justice and Shrinkhala gets winning

We all Nepalese people like to see Nirmala Pant the innocent girl who has been raped and murder get justice by government as soon as possible. Today it’s been almost 250 days of rape and murder day. All people of Nepal like too see getting justice for the sweet and innocent child. She need to get justice so again this kind of case and brutal murder will not repeat in future. Government has try their best to get justice for this innocent girl and her family  too. If she gets justice than it will be the best thing ever done by the government in history of Nepal. No doubt that Nepalese government is going seriously in this case and all people are hoping for positive result.

Nirmala Pant’s parents are going through very worst condition and her father is being mentally ill and behaving like mad people. He lost his mental disorder and doing various activities against the government hoping to get justice for he loving daughter. It is the government duty and responsibility to go deep in this case and to get justice for her and her family. All Nepalese people should also stand together with her parents and give pressure to government to get justice so other family daughter will not go through such situation.

Hope government will soon give justice for our innocent girl.


Nepal is felling proud nowadays and all people are happy and doing their best to make the dream come true which is seen by  Shrinkhala Khatiwada  is an Architect and Nepali beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Nepal 2018.. She is representing Nepal in Miss World 2018.

Khatiwada was born in HetaudaProvince No. 3. She is from a family with political background. Her father, Birodh Khatiwada is CPN (UML) leader who was elected as a member of central parliament from Makwanpur Constituency no. 2 in general election of 2017 for the fourth time. Her mother Munu Sigdel is President of CPN (UML)Makwanpur District and also a member of state parliament of Province No. 3. She lives in Thalsikhel, Lalitpur with her parents.

Khatiwada is a simple and beautiful with kind heart. She is helpful, well educated, skill and talented girl from Nepal.

She belongs to Nepal, a country of Lord Gautam Buddha and world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest. She is pretty, loyal, faithful and helpful. Her nature is good and she made all Nepalese people to know all over the world and to show the beauty of Nepal. Now all countries people know Nepal because of her handwork and dedication to her work and dream.

Gossips and Rumors Shrinkhala Khatiwada has reached to the semi-final at the 2018 Miss World in China. Earlier, her wardrobe malfunction in the dress round became the hot gossip of the beauty pageant. According to Gossipgist.com online, She is one of the popular Miss Nepal title holders (Miss Nepal 2018).

She is representing in Miss World  and doing her best to win the title by hook or by cook.




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