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Now the trend of Nepalese film industry has changed and the change is successful. Nischal Basnet  is a Nepalese film director, actor, dancer, and singer known for his work in Nepali films. Considered to be one of the gamechangjng director in Nepali film. Loot, the all time blockbuster directed by him in 2012, garnered positive reviews from film critics and became highest grossing Nepali film then. He is considered to be director who brought realism in Nepali films. Beside direction, he has also acted in and produced the hit 2013 film Kabaddi and produced it 2015 sequel Kabaddi Kabaddi  and Dui Rupaiyaan.

The first movie he made was “Loot” which movie change the trend of all director in history of Nepalese film industry. The audience of Nepalese  who  were feeling boring of the same film when they watched loot whole scenario of Nepalese filmy industry changed in sec. Now all the movies were best on the realistic story and based on true events.  No doubt  all the film he director was based on the typical Nepali culture and society. He choose character from every corner of the Nepalese society and give them their true role which suits them.

We can say that from then all movies changed their way of making the film and the Nepalese people who said Nepali film industry was worse and never gonna changed he proved it well. All people now love Nepal film industry and watch all movie which releases so far. Our Nepalese film have been nominated in various OSCAR award also. Now the Nepalese film are release all over the world which is proud and honor for all Nepalese people and Nepal. Earth is round and all will get their chance when time comes it is proved by him (Nischal Basnet) we can see it in our Nepalese film industry.Nepal is among over one hundred countries that have submitted films for consideration for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Nepal made its first submission in 1999. The Foreign Language Film award is handed out annually by the United States Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to a feature-length motion picture produced outside the United States that contains primarily non-English dialogue. As of 2018, ten Nepalese films have been submitted for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Nepal’s initial submission, Caravan, was nominated for an Oscar.

So let’s see Nepalese film and give courage and more motivation to such director. Let’s promote our Nepali culture, tradition, festival, our true daily activities through film industry and made our film industry known all over the world.

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