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Nepalese Dhobi: Bike Riding Clothes Home

Many people in the world do not work similar to what they read. Some people work differently by compulsion than the study subject, and some others repeat.

Rishi Dhamala, Vikas Subedi and Nikunga Bhandari also turned out. Their studies were on one side and the work is on the other hand. Do you even listen to the washing work commercially as well as writing articles? It looks like they are but they are doing it. Their work is – traditional Nepalese garbage embroidered professionally, ‘washing clothes.’

Of course, these three youth graduates work. That too modern.

The daughter of Kathmandu, 26, has been nursing richha from Australia. The development of Chitwan by BIT from Scotland and of the Jhapa, the Bibi Bibi in Nepal. Without having to wash clothes, these three people started their clothes after washing the clothes. After all, when the three realized the lack of water in Kathmandu, and after seeing the problem of wearing clothes like others, why did not it go commercially.

They also made the motivation to ‘wash clothes’ by making them suffer from this problem and making others easier. Their slogan is very angry, ‘Do not wash clothes to bring children on Saturday?’

Facebook Easy

They met all three friends while visiting a party. That’s where they got to know and know. Then Facebook added more friendship. Everybody started talking about Facebook.

After that, the new things were made to make frequent meetings as well as the habit of sharing. Rachha says, ‘Throughout our meetings and conversations, Facebook became a Facebook. We used Facebook to get the right amount of money, Facebook said, “Easy to mobilize clothing to open a laundry business.” They say they talked about Facebook and consulted in time to do something new.

Talking to all, three were tortured by the lack of water in Kathmandu. It also got out of the garment that was shattered in the garment of development. There was also a problem with Rachha and Dikunj. When gathering, clothes should be used to wash clothes, even if the jumble starts, but that really was practiced.

How to read

Clothes began to grow in the mind, clothes, clothes, and clothes. Dhoni’s career started to brace their minds, but the concept of another thought would also be called by their minds. The idea of ​​woven by mind is the market research. Three people thought that they should be research before handling any business. As they were riskless to invest without study, they first started studying the market. In various places of the Valley, students, students, housewives, and other respondents took the response. Listen to the friends. Most of them respond well. Even if you have suggested suggestions from your relatives, but even if some relatives read it, would you like such a garment? Be discouraged.

But they were attracted by this work. They saw the future in it. Three people also consulted in their family. Regarding the fact that at the beginning, to explain to his guardian, ‘How did the daughter of Bessi nursing nurses, do not make a parent more than doing clothes!’ ‘Richcha said,’ But I trusted my guardian. The family also promised to invest. ”

The growth and development of the nintendo, like Racha, initially difficult to convince their guardians but convinced the guardians, they. The development is slightly different. He himself had some money earned. So she did not have to continue to support the family.


They agreed to name what the names of garbage business were after. There were different names, but three were the only one who had Nepali name deceitful names. Regarding Nepali word ‘Dhoni’, Nepalese word and Nepali traditions are traditional traditions, as regards Nepali soil. ‘We were thinking of doing business,’ the hotel said, ‘Three people got the mind and business started to make a new kind of business.’

Start investment five lakhs

Three people initially gathered money at a rate of five million rupees. It was 1.5 million but did not reach the investment, adding investments. There are two lakhs of flavors in two machines. They also took a train of lounvery by 60 thousand 60 days. After this training, they were also involved in washing machines like washing, chemical, drying.

It says that the development of the market is registered as ‘Nepalese Dhoni Pali’ after market surveillance and money. “We kept the office in garriara in Kathmandu, and the factory washed clothes in Aurabarari,” says Vikas.

Online service

They were also registered as ‘the present time in Nepal’. They are pleased to start order from online for the last time, starting their service from Chart 15.

At first, writing on the photocopy paper and admitting Nepalis fraud by placing them on the road pillows. Now, the online laundry service tells you, the breakfast.

Happy when coming tomorrow tomorrow

Recalling the first washing clothes in the phone, Richcha says, “How happy we were when we arrived yesterday.” We ourselves had gone to buy a bag on our bike and we were wearing clothes. “That first year, they were encouraged to work. For months, clothes themselves were taken, self-regulated, and self-sacrificing because they had to understand the market’s reaction directly.

So it works

He and she on the phone

Good market, beautiful future

Due to the shortage of water in Kathmandu and due to busy urban lifestyles, the company has been serving service from 9:00 AM to 6.00 pm.

Although they initially provided service only within the ringroad of the Kathmandu Valley, it has also added that service has been added even beyond the ring road.

They are also constantly maintaining the reliability and craving of the market and to maintain the market.

The Nepali consumers are now home to the home, hotel, hostel, residential area, student, and the student. With this kind of success, they are now dreaming to serve the whole country.

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