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More than 100 chauris dies in dolpa



In  last 10 days more than 100 chauris, a cross between yak and hill cow, have died in avalanches triggered by heavy snowfalls at Kagkot in Chharkatangsong Rural Municipality-4, Dolpa district. Due to the heavy snowfall since mid-February,the upper regions of Dolpa are covered in thick layers of snow, disconnecting remote localities from the district headquarters.

According the villagers,  chauris are usually taken to higher grounds from the lowlands for grazing.  Chairman of Chharkatangsong Rural Municipality Senang Gurung, said  that the estimated worth of 100 chauris is millions of rupees and their death is a major financial loss to the villagers.

“In the absence of arable land in the high mountains, rearing chauris is the anchor of the villagers here,” said Senang.

During the monsoon and winter, farmers leave their chauris to graze in the mountain grasslands. “Some chauris are trapped in the grasslands due to snowfall. Farmers cannot go and rescue their livestock since pathways remain blocked,” said Senang. “The exact number of chauris we lost to the avalanches can’t be determined right away but  more than 100 the  number to be we presume”.

According to Chhiringfurba Gurung of Chharkatangsong-4, per chauri costs around Rs 150,000.

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