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Mandatory uniform for the public transport ticket counter employees

Uniform has been made mandatory for the public transport ticket counter employees.

A meeting among the Kathmandu Metropolis, traffic police and transport entrepreneurs agreed on the provision towards that end.

The provision was first implemented from the New Bus Park area on the joint initiation of Federation of Nepal National Transport Entrepreneurs’ Association and the Lhotse Multipurpose Pvt Ltd from Monday.more over 150 staffs at the ticket counters there were seen on uniform.

According to Federation general secretary Saroj Sitaula decision aims to further improve the country’s public transport service sector.

“The campaign will go nationwide,” he said, urging employees concerned to follow the dress code (light blue shirt and gray pants), accepting it as a good start directed at establishing a system in the working field.

This measure will clear confusions among passengers to whom they should pay for tickets, the Federation said, urging all to travel on public vehicles by taking tickets compulsory. Besides uniform, wearing of identity cards for them (employees) is compulsory.

“The New Bus Park based in Gongabu remains as the only one national bus park of the country and we are working collaboratively with bodies concerned to upgrade it into a facility of international standard.”

Metropolitan Traffic Police Division’s chief, Senior Superintendent of Police Basanta Kumar Panta said the dress code for employees handling the ticket counters would prevent passengers from being cheated.

Passengers are at high risk of getting cheated mainly during festival times by middle persons.

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