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Krishna Pandey:World’s Fastest Reverse Speller (Guinness World Records Program-New York)

Nepal is a country with natural beauty and scenery and good environment.We people of Nepal fell proud that we are Nepalese and our bravery is known all over the world. Nepal has born many talented person from the beginning and till now.One of them is Mr.Krishna Pandey who was born in Devdaha-7,Shitalnagar; Rupandehi. His father name is Komal Prasad Pandey and Mother Radha Devi Pandey. He is currently living and working in his own business company in Texas.He has given work to many people in his office and help Nepalese people to get job in his Business Company.He is famous for his  kind hearted, loyal, polite and too good behavior.

He has completed Masters degree in Information Technology and currently working as an analyst in an IT company. Apart from this, he do have an ability to spell any words in reverse order. By exploring this talent, he have been able to set his name in the Guinness Book of World Records. He is now officially the “Fastest Reverse Speller in the World.” This achievement has given him an opportunity to share his  talent; explain about his country; and help inspire many young individuals living all over the world.

He have performed by his talent in different cities of United States among people from all over the world. During those performances, He also promoted Nepal as well as the great assets of Nepal like Mount Everest and birthplace of Lord Buddha. After holding the GWR, He have been getting many chances to talk about his successful journey to the world record, and He has  also use these opportunities to spread words about Nepal. So until at this point of his time, He has being honored for his achievement by different national and international organizations and personalities. This has given him a platform to enlighten people about the real beauty that Nepal possesses.

He have a great plan for promoting his country together with promoting his ability in upcoming years. He have a objective of writing his name in the Guinness World Records again in many other categories. He will be introducing some of the youth motivating programs that will help them to explore their inner capabilities. For this, He will be travelling and attending many events organized by the communities and universities in different states of the United States. Apart from this, He will utilize his opportunities to travel outside the USA for various programmes where He will be exploring His talent as a representative of Nepal. Recently, He had got an invitation for participating a big event in Belgium. He believe that this was one of the great opportunities for him to represent his country.

So to continue promoting Nepal and Nepali, He would like to work as a Goodwill Ambassador of Nepal from Tourism Board. This helps him to represent and promote Nepal officially.

His Contribution During Earthquake And Still Now

Moreover, because of the recent devastating earthquake, we are running in one of the crucial time in our history. Many cultural heritages and beautiful scenic places in Nepal have been destroyed but it’s the fact that not all of these are destroyed in the country. There are still many cultural heritages, places and sites that tourists can visit and enjoy their time in Nepal. We need to reach out this words to the people all over the world. We need many dedicated resources for that and He would like to be on of those representatives. He will NOT need any financial remuneration from government of Nepal for working on this. He will do his best to promote his country, apprise about all the good things in Nepal to inspire foreigners to visit Nepal, at least once in their lifetime.


Here are some of the Facts about His programs:

 YouTube Viewers: More than Two Hundred Thousand viewers of his program

More than 10 million people are known about his talent and achievement through social media, news and his programs

News Coverage held by Major National (Nepali) and International Media for  His Guinness World Records attempt and Achievement.

Programs and Honors Program attended in more than twenty cities of United States including major cities like Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

Main Events & Locations in USA


Dallas, Texas

Washington DC

New York

Kansas City


Los Angeles, California




His Main Motto to Introduce Nepal All Over The World

The Highest Peak in the world Mount Everest in Nepal. (Height: 8848m)

The Birth Place Of Lord Gautam Buddha which is located at Lumbini in Nepal.


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