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IPO of Buddha Bhumi Hydropower Opening Today; What Do the Financials Tell About the Company?

Company Profile:

Incorporated in October 2007 as a private limited company, Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower Company Limited (BBHCL) was converted into a public limited company in August 2017 to facilitate public participation.

The company’s paid-up capital was ~NPR 277 million as of mid-April 2019 (including share application money of ~NPR 191 million). The company is promoted by 79 individual promoters. The major promoters include Mr. Pramod Khadka (~19%), Mr. Purna Lal Shrestha (~11%), Mr. Anil Kumar Thapa (~7%), Mr. Balram Khatiwada (~7%), among others.

The promoter holding after the proposed IPO issue is expected to dilute to 70%, assuming full subscription. The shares of the company are proposed to be listed in the stock exchange post the proposed IPO. BNHCL is developing the 4.993-MW Lower Tadi Khola Hydropower project in the Nuwakot district of Province-3, Nepal.

About the Issue:

Buddha Bhumi Hydropower Company Limited is issuing 8,00,000 units of ordinary shares worth Rs. 8 crores to the general public from Ashwin 11. The early closing date of this IPO issue is on Ashwin-14, 2078. If this issue is not fully subscribed till Ashwin-14, 2078 then the issue will be extended up to Ashwin 24, 2078.

The company is set to issue a total of 800,000 units of shares i.e., 20% of the total issued capital from Ashwin-11, 2078. From the total of 800,000 units, 40,000 units i.e., 5% are for mutual funds. 2% of the total units i.e., 14,000 units are for the employee of the company, and the remaining 744,000 units are for the general public.

Applications can be placed for a minimum of 10 units to a maximum of 50,000 units.

NIBL Ace Capital Limited has been appointed as the issue manager for the IPO issuance.

Sahas Urja Limited:

Particulars Percentage Units Amount
Total Capital 100% 4,000,000 400,000,000
Total Issue 20% 800,000 80,000,000
Employees 2% of IPO Units 16,000 1,600,000
Mutual Fund 5% of IPO Units 40,000 4,000,000
General Public 93% of IPO Units 744,000 74,400,000
Issue Manager Civil Capital Market Limited
Issue Open Date Ashwin 11, 2078
Issue Closing Date (earliest) Ashwin 14, 2078
Issue Closing Date (Late) Ashwin 25, 2078
Minimum Application 10
Maximum Application 50,000


ICRA Rating:

ICRA Nepal has assigned an issuer rating of [ICRANP-IR] BB- (pronounced ICRA NP issuer rating double B minus) to Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower Company Limited (BBHCL).

Credit Strengths:

  • Lowering project execution risks and low finding risks
  • Relatively high plant load factor and a high share of dry energy
  • Low tariff and offtake risks with the presence of long-term PPA at predetermined tariffs and escalations

Credit Challenges:

  • Moderate return indicators amid relatively higher project cost
  • High evacuation risks given the non-completion of NEA’s evacuation structures
  • Limited experience of major promoters in hydropower project execution
  • High hydrology risks, given the lack of deemed generation clause in PPA

(Source: ICRA Nepal)

Capital Structure:

Capital Structure
Authorized Capital 750,000,000
Issued Capital 400,000,000
Current Paid-Up Capital 280,000,000
Capital after IPO Issuance 400,000,000

Shareholding Structure:

  Number of Shares Amount Percentage Remarks
Promoters Shareholders 2,800,000 280,000,000 70% Already Issued
Project affected locals 400,000 40,000,000 10% Already Issued
General Public 800,000 80,000,000 20% To be Issued
Total 4,000,000 400,000,000 100%

Board of Directors:

Board of Directors
Name Position
Purna Lal Shrestha Chairman
Balaram Khatiwada Director
Pramod Khadka Director
Shekhar Kumar Subedi Director
Deepak Lal Amatya Director


Name of Project Lower Tadi Khola Hydropower Project
Type of Project Run-of-River
Installed Capacity (MW) 4.99
Total Cost 1,190,000,000
Cost per Megawatt 238,476,954
Required Commercial Operation Date (RCOD) 1-Oct-21

Financial Highlights:

Particulars Actual Estimated*
2074/2075 2075/2076 2076/2077 2078/2079 2079/2080 2080/2081
Total Paid-Up Capital (‘000) 217,545.08 280,000.00 280,000.00 400,000.00 400,000.00 400,000.00
Reserve & Surplus (‘000) -33,882.07 -42,321.79 -33,484.41 -18,712.16 55,266.06 94,061.10
Debt (‘000) 0.00 396,628.67 602,138.41 564,246.75 542,459.34 520,643.90
Revenue (‘000) 0.00 0.00 0.00 182,019.26 187,409.87 192,896.81
Interest Expenses (‘000) 0.00 0.00 0.00 61,245.49 57,549.67 53,767.37
Net Profit (‘0000 -3,787.20 -8,439.71 -4,466.63 64,909.16 73,978.22 83,007.84
Earnings per share (Rs.) -1.74 -3.01 -1.60 16.23 18.49 20.75
Net worth per share (Rs.) 84.43 84.89 88.04 95.32 113.82 123.52
Debt-Equity (times) 0.00 1.67 2.44 1.48 1.19 1.05
Return on Equity (%) -2.06% -3.55% -1.81% 17.02% 16.25% 16.80%

How much to apply for?

When we observe the current scenario of Nepal’s capital market, investors have shown a high level of optimism, signaled by intense participation for the last few months. Almost all of the stocks have been trading significantly higher than they were before lockdown, regardless of the short-term fluctuations.

When we look at the current trend of public issues in the market, we see that more than 30 lakhs investors have been applying in recent issues. This is a huge number when compared to past data. Even if a quarter of this number applies to the issue of Buddha Bhumi Hydropower Limited (BBHCL), the issue will be oversubscribed.

Since the “10 kitta rule” still holds true for this IPO, 80,000 lucky applicants will get the 10-unit shares of Buddha Bhumi Hydropower Limited. So, it is advisable to apply only for 10 units.

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