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In a single month 188 incidents of violence against women

A hundred and eighty-eight incidents of violence against women based on gender discrimination have taken place across the nation from April 14- May 14 this year, according to the monthly report made public by Women’s Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC), Nepal.

Of the total reported cased, 109 cases of domestic violence, 40 cases related to sexual violence and 24 incidents of social violence took place during the month. Similarly, 11 incidents of murder and two other types of incidents occurred at the same time.

As per the report, the highest number of women suffering from violence is between the age of 26-35.

Similarly, according to WOREC, the highest number of men between the age of 26-35 were involved in the violence. WOREC Executive Director Lubhraj Neupane on the basis of report informed that most of the women were victimized by their own family members and relatives.


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