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Human Health Must Be Topmost Priority: PM

Addressing the virtual Summit of the NAM under the theme of “United against COVID-19” today, the Prime Minister said that humanity was at stake and all the countries were fighting a common but an invisible enemy.
“The virus has tested our ability and exposed our vulnerability. Global trading and travel linkages are disrupted, businesses have collapsed, jobs are vanished, education systems are disrupted,” he said.
Prime Minister Oli said that nothing was more important than the protection of human life and saving humanity, and this should be the supreme duty of governments.
Stating that economic loss could be revived, technology could be reinvented and prosperity could be achieved, the Prime Minister said, “We cannot revive the loss of precious human life, which is also the loss of human capital, talents, expertise and ideas. So, life comes first of all other considerations.”
He further said that human health must be the topmost priority.
Prime Minister Oli also said that Nepal had deployed all political, economic, human and technological resources at the disposal to contain the spread of the coronavirus. He also informed the NAM member States about the measures taken by the government and said no death from COVID-19 had occurred in Nepal.
Stating that the Nepal government’s focus had been on both the prevention and mitigation of the pandemic, PM Oli maintained that his government had marshalled all resources and state machinery at federal, provincial and local levels to manage and respond to the crisis in a coherent way.
Nepal had upgraded health facilities, incentivised health care workers, and ensured accessible health services for all, said Oli.

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