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Govt. Reviews Relief Package Amid Lockdown Extension

As per the decisions, the daily wage earners and labourers working under unorganised sectors would be given job in coordination with the government offices and the local levels.

According to the decision, they will be provided with daily wages and food every day.

The task of fixing daily wage is given to the local levels based under relief distribution criteria, Minister Dr Khatiwada said.

Such labourers who undertake government jobs offered by the local bodies should also be enlisted in the Employment Service Centre established within the local governments.

Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration should facilitate the local bodies in distribution of relief items and salaries, Minister Dr Khatiwada said.

If budget falls short, additional budget to be spent over such works would be released from the Central COVID-19 Relief fund.

For distribution of relief goods, non-governmental organisation can voluntarily provide support to the local levels.

For labourers working in organised offices, industries, and factories, the concerned employers or offices should immediately release 50 per cent salaries in their account and remaining 50 per cent should be provided after the resumption of the offices.

While providing salaries to the employees, if any office faces liquidity crisis, such office can get consensual loan from the banks and financial institutions.

Refinancing facilities would be provided by Nepal Rastra Bank in such condition, according to the decision.

The Cabinet meeting also increased the capacity of providing refinancing provision up to Rs. 1 billion.

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