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Government public lists of good which are prohibits for export and import

The Government of Nepal has made public a list of goods fully or partially banned for export and import.

According to a notice published in the Nepal Gazette, the ban was imposed by exercising the power conferred by the Export and Import (Control) Act-1957. The goods fully banned for export and import include items such as domestic and foreign coins, idols of gods and goddesses and objects of archaeological importance.

Drugs, including cannabis, hashish and others defined by the UN Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances-1988, Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs-1961 and Narcotic Drugs (Control) Act-1976, also feature in the list of fully banned goods for export and import.

Likewise, the government has imposed absolute ban on import and export of explosive materials and logistics used in war, animal skin and fur, forest products related to biodiversity and environment such as dactylorhiza hatagirea, juglans regia, neteopicrorhiza scrophulariifolia, lichen, nardostachys grandiflora, abies spectabilis, taxus wallichian, taxus mairei, taxus controta, shorea robusta, dalbergia latifollia, pterocarpus marsupium, dalbergia sisoo, unprocessed shilajit, yarsagumba, wildlife and their body parts, pebbles and sand.

The new rules have also barred persons from importing or exporting highly inflammable petroleum products without obtaining licence. similarly, the government has fully banned import of plastic bags or sheets of less than 30 micron in diametre, incandescent light bulb, straw collector, scrap plastic and recycled granules and second-hand goods. However, second-hand goods may be imported as relief materials at the time of natural or non-natural disasters on the recommendation of the Ministry of Forests and Environment.

The government has banned import, storage, sale, distribution, production and use of colour paints beyond prescribed standards likewise, energy drinks and flavoured synthetic drinks have also been categorised as products fully prohibited for import.

Earlier, the government had prescribed limit on the use of various chemicals in children’s toys to prevent health hazards arising from exposure to chemicals. Toy denotes construction sets, dolls and miniatures, vehicles, puzzles, electric and electronic toys and educational sets used by children of up to 16 years of age.

According to rules, the importer will be required to possess lab report issued by a certified laboratory of the concerned country in the case of imported toys. If the toys are manufactured in Nepal, they should be tested in a state-owned lab.

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