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Father’s Day “Kushe Aunsi” being observed today

Father’s Day — also known as “Kushe Aunsi” — is being marked across the country today.

Hindus celebrate Kushe Aunsi by bringing kush, a holy grass, into their houses believing that it will bring well-being in the household. They regard kush as a symbol of Lord Vishnu and follow the tradition of bringing it in their homes during the day of Aunsi (no moon day).

The day is also celebrated as Father’s Day or Gokarne Aunsi. Offsprings show their respect and express their love to their fathers with greetings and presents on this day.

As per religious belief of ‘pitri devo bhava’ (respect to ancestors), sons and daughters receive blessings from their fathers. Those who have lost their fathers go to a pilgrimage site and perform shraddha, the holy ritual in remembrance of those who have passed away. By doing this, it is believed that the departed soul will rest in peace and their lineage will be protected.

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