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Families of Nepali workers who lost their life in abroad now get compensation

Family members and close relatives of expatriate Nepali workers who lost their lives working abroad can now get compensation provided by the federal government from their respective local governments.

According to Rajan Prasad Shrestha, executive director at the Foreign Employment Board, Government’s decision is effective from Wednesday, this new scheme, beneficiaries will get our services in the form of financial assistance from the local bodies.

“It would provide relief to families of hundreds  of Nepali workers who die working in various labour destination countries.”

Previously, the aggrieved families had to travel to Kathmandu from various parts of the country to claim their compensation amount. They would have to make their claim by applying to the board.

Shrestha said “The decision will help save time and money of hundreds of aggrieved families.”

The board, which operates under the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, has been managing the Migrant Workers’ Welfare Fund that is used to provide financial assistance to the families of deceased migrant workers.

“We wanted to make sure that the families, who are already going through a hard time grieving over the loss of their loved one, get their compensation money without any hassles,” added Shrestha.

According to government records, every year, hundreds of Nepali workers die due to illness, road accidents, workplace accidents and other factors. Families and relatives of deceased workers receive Rs700,000 from the government. The board also provides financial support for the critically injured and covers treatment for as many as 15 critical diseases within one year of wroker’s return to the country or until the end of their contract.

During the last fiscal year, the board had provided relief amount to families of a total of 821 migrant wroker who had died in 19 different countries.

Families of migrant workers, who died or got injured or contracted any serious disease within one year of their return to the country or until the end of their contract, are eligible for compensation earmarked for migrant workers.

With the coming into force of the new rule, an immediate family member of the deceased migrant worker will be eligible to apply for compensation at the local level, which would then verify the documents and issue a death certificate. The documents will then be forwarded to the board in Kathmandu. After the final verification, the board will deposit the compensation amount in the bank account of the deceased worker’s nearest relative.

Furthermore, the board will soon be providing financial support, including scholarships to deceased worker’s children via an integrated online system.

“Once the online system comes into operation, the families will not have to go even to the local bodies,” said Shrestha. “They could apply for compensation from their mobile phones.”

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