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Dr.Mahabir Pun Hero Of Remote Areas

Dr.Mahabir Pun is a man with simple living and high thinking Personality.His thinking and working has been loved by all Nepalese people especially by the Remote Areas people.He has been working hard to give them wireless network and to provide them more education about this.All people are equal and all deserve to get all the facilities which is given by the government.

Mahabir Pun is a Nepalese teacher, social entrepreneur and an activist known for his extensive work in applying wireless technologies to develop remote areas of the Himalayas, also known as the Nepal Wireless Networking Project.

Mahabir Pun is well known in Nepal for his extensive work in rural villages in fields of health, education and awareness program-mes by connecting those remote areas through internet using wireless technologies.
Born in Nangi Village, Myagdi District which is in the Himalayan foothills of western Nepal. Although it takes 7 hours hard climb to reach Nangi and not even a presence of telephone line, Mahabir’s determination to connect his village to rest of the world has succeeded by using wireless internet technology.

Pun who had difficult times during his childhood for getting education in Nagi, his father moved their family to Nepal’s lowlands so that his son could get educated. After finishing high school Pun started teaching in local school for 8 years and finally got scholarship to complete his bachelor’s degree at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. After finishing his bachelors he didn’t settle in US but returned to his village Nagi after almost 20 years to help the local youth to get better education.

At that time Nangi’s leaders will establishing a village high school and in which Pun happily got involved and once a month he had to travel 2 days to nearest town of Pokhara to check his e-mail and contact his friends abroad and asking for little help for his village. Finally in 1997, a donation of four used computers from Australia arrived, but there was no electricity to run them. After Pun’s initiative, they generated enough power to run the computers from small hydro generators run from a nearby stream and he started teaching computer classes at Nangi high school. After this success more computers followed but they were not connected to the internet and was impossible to get a telephone connection from Pokhara.

To solve this, Mahabir e-mailed the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), asking for ideas to help connect his village. In 2001, the BBC publicized his dilemma and within a year volunteers from Europe and the United States were helping him setup a wireless connection between Nangi and the neighboring village of Ramche, using TV dish antennas mounted in the trees. Small grants along with the volunteers soon led to the construction of improvised mountaintop relay stations and a link to Pokhara and by 2003 Nangi was online. This was a big news in World Wide Web and group of backpacking volunteers along with many donated computers, parts and equipment were carried up into the hills. Pun expanded the wireless network to 12 villages and distributed ninety used computers to the local schools and communication centers, connecting them to the internet, teaching teachers how to use them, and then troubleshooting until everything worked.

Dr.Mahabir Pun is never shy to do any kind of work,he is not like other people he do his work with fully into it giving his effort.He has worked by himself in many places of Nepal. He said ”work is work no matter how  big or small it is or how it looks all we need to do is just work”.

The People like him is needed in our Nepalese Society so all the people of Nepal can think twice to be like him.His worked made him success and to know all over Nepal and World. We lack people like him in our country.We all Nepalese people should thought like him and try to be like him or we should do work like him.

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