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Donald Trump in India: Seven killed in Delhi violence during visit

Seven people have been killed in Delhi in protests against India’s controversial new citizenship law, as US President Donald Trump made his first official visit to the country.

A policeman and six civilians have died in the capital’s deadliest day since the new law was passed last year.

Vehicles were set alight in the clashes between supporters and opponents of the law which, critics say, targets India’s 200 million Muslims.

There are fears of further clashes.

BBC reporters in north-east Delhi say that despite heavy police presence, there are crowds of people throwing stones in the affected areas.

According to BBC Hindi reporter Faisal Mohammed “There are around 200 people, some are holding the Indian flag in their hands, others are holding saffron flags, generally associated with right-wing Hindu groups. They are chanting Jai Shri Ram (hail Lord Ram),”

The crowd was also shouting “shoot the traitors”,  reporter added.

Correspondents say the timing of this incident is an embarrassment to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he hosts the US president and the violence has taken the spotlight away from Mr Trump’s visit.

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