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Divorce case is increasing day by day in nepal

While many newlyweds have planning for their future life, other young couples are making the rounds in Kathmandu’s crowded court room seeking to divorce.

Nowdays, Foreign employment has led to the rise of divorce cases, According to the court, most of the divorce cases are filed by women whose husbands have left abroad for jobs and those women who have returned home from foreign employment.Due to the long distance relationship having an extra marital affair is main reason of divorce which is increasing day by day.

With the high rate of foreign employment and migration, the connection to family and wider kin has become brittle, “Without these agents of stability, it is difficult to save marriages from falling apart.”

There are no statistics to prove it, but women’s rights activists say the increased female literacy and the number of love marriages (as opposed to family arranged one) has also contributed to the rise in the divorce rate.

The procedure to obtain a divorce for women is easier than for men,where women can file the divorce case directly to court while men can move to the court only after reconciliation efforts fail.

To filed the case some reason are here;

For men:

* If the wife lives separately from the husband for more than three years

* If the wife attempts to take the life of, or causes disability, or any serious physical damage to the husband

* If the wife has a affair  with other men

* If the wife elopes

For women:

* If the husband remarries

* If the wife is thrown out of the family house

* If the husband lives separately from the wife for more than three years

* If the husband attempts to take the life of, causes disability, or serious physical injury to the wife

* If the husband is impotent

* If the husband attempts rape


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