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Construction of Cruise ship in Narayani river reaches final stage

The construction of the cruise ship in ward no. 16 of Bharatpur metropolis has now reached its final stage. A cruise ship will be available for public transportation from mid-February.

According to¬†managing director of the Rhino Water Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Ram Chandra Kandel”Recent decision of the cabinet too allow registration of industry related to ship has help speed up our work”.

Online booking to enjoy ride on the cruise ship will open in the next ten days, he added.

Bookings for breakfast cruse, lunch cruise and dinner cruise. Travelers will also be able to enjoy live singing inside the cruise, that is also equipped with a bar.

The ground floor accommodates 90 passengers, 110 in the first floor and 20 on the roof of the cruise. The breakfast cruise will include a ride for two hours while the lunch and dinner cruise will be a journey of three hours each.

Three crew members and technicians to run the cruise ship are foreigners and the company is planning to train Nepalis in the future. The cruise was built by the Grandeur Marine International of India.

The cruise is equipped with a double engine and can travel at a speed of 35 kilometers per house. The cruise has reportedly cost around 150 million rupees.

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