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Chitwan rhinos are refuses to return by indian security

Indian security personnel have refused to deport three one-horned rhinos swept across the border from Chitwan National Park (CNP) during floods six months ago.

CNP Spokesperson Gopal Ghimire said, the rhinos that were swept away by the Narayani River are currently in the jungle of Balmiki National Park of India.

He said the CNP tried to bring back rhinos as the environment in the Balmiki National Park was not favourable for them.

Earlier this year, 11 rhinos that were swept across the border from the CNP were rescued and deport from Balmiki National Park immediately.

Ghimire said that CNP employees are looking for the opportunity to dart the rhinos with tranquilizer when they visit the jungle on Nepali side.

The CNP employees have become alert after they found one male rhino grazing in the jungle near to Susta area. One rhino is frequently spotted in Susta area while two others are in the jungle of India.

A 10-member team including two elephants under the command of Ranger Dinesh Chaudhary has been deployed in the Susta area to control the rhinos and bring them back for past two weeks but to no avail.

According to the locals of Susta, Indian security personnel have been mobilized to bar the rhinos from entering into Nepali territory.

Ghimire said that a technical team from CNP had earlier gone to India to bring back the rhinos, but the Indian security personnel did not allow them citing they need permission from the central government.

Though the CNP had sent a letter to the Ministry of Forest and Environment, which forwarded it to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs through Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the park has not received any response yet, said Ghimire.

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