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Chinese investors said Nepal is good destination for investment

China is our neighboring country and good friends too. Many project in Nepal are been invest and build by China. China have help Nepalese in all sector throughout the time. China is friendly and helpful country.Nepal and China have long relationship and it will last forever. All projects which are necessary and important for Nepalese people China have help throughout it’s life. China has skilled and very talented person in every sector and filed.

A group of Chinese investors from Yunnan Province of China said that Nepal is a good destination for investment adding that more Chinese investments are in pipeline from Yunnan Province.

At an interaction programme organised by Yunnan Province Representative Office in Kathmandu, business leaders and investors from China shared that Chinese business firms are working to set up their subsidiary companies in Nepal, which will be a major step ahead for establishing contacts and investing in Nepal.

There is good support from the local partners and people, which is crucial for investment. There is also good potential for investment in Nepal’s energy sector,” Wu said.

The Government of Yunnan Province has also set up its office named Yunnan Commercial Representative Office in Kathmandu uniting almost all companies coming to Nepal for investment from Yunnan. The office is expected to exchange our ideas, experiences and resolve problems to ensure better performance in Nepali market.

Hope China and Nepal friendship remain as it is and in future we hope more and more projects and investors are run in Nepal. Other countries also see our friendship and they also learn and help each other.

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