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CCMC recommends ministries to take additional measures to control spread of COVID-19

The COVID-19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC) has recommended the Ministry of Health and Population to ensure effective control, prevention and treatment of coronavirus.

The CCMC meeting held amidst the sharp rise of coronavirus on Sunday urged the Health Ministry to raise public awareness and arrange prompt procurement and smooth supply of necessary medicines. Similarly, the Home Ministry has been asked not to allow gatherings of 25 persons in public places.

The CCMC has recommended making it mandatory for anyone entering the office, hotel, restaurant, cinema, stadium, park and airport to carry vaccination cards. The CCMC has suggested making such places aware about people’ entry based on their vaccination card. This rule, however, will come into effect from January 21. The vaccination card is mandatory for anyone to receive public service.

The concerned ministries have been urged by the CCMC to make effective the antigen test at entry points and manage isolation for those tested positive for the coronavirus. Free antigen test booths would be set up at public places and vaccination drives continued regularly nationwide.

The CMMC has directed universities and schools to conduct exams by abiding by health protocol including physical distancing. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has been asked to ensure implementation of this rule.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has been recommended to reduce crowds at airports and ensure passengers carry vaccination cards. Only those having vaccination cards can access a boarding pass from January 21.

Similarly, those receiving full dose vaccination and COVID-19 negative test results within 72 hours before getting boarding pass would be allowed foreign flight.

For domestic flights, only the passengers bearing vaccination cards would be allowed travel from January 17.

In case of the Nepali citizens, diplomats and those bearing official passports, the entry, quarantine and isolation would be provided if they have come from or used as transit the nine countries including South Africa where the omicron variant of coronavirus was traced first.

The Immigration Department has been recommended to coordinate well with the Home Ministry, Tourism Ministry and Foreign Ministry while issuing travel advisory. The travel advisory should be made effective by fixing time/date after a few days.

The Chief District Officers would be directed for the effective implementation of the ‘smart lockdown work procedure, 2078’; and ‘integrated COVID-19 control, prevention and treatment work plan, 2078’ in view of the local context, according to the CCMC decisions.

The Health Ministry would take further initiatives to spread correct information on new variants of coronavirus among the public via medical and health officials.


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