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Bharatpur hospital has start three-Months Course At Once

The Bharatpur hospital has begun providing medicines to patients who have to consume for long all at once. The hospital is providing a three months course of drugs for the patients.
This is a special privilege for the people who have chosen the hospital as their first point of contact based on the health insurance. Earlier, the patients had to come to the hospital every month for the medicine.

According to medical superintendent at the hospital Dr Sri Ram Tiwari” Three months course has been initiated in order to facilitate the patients”. People on regular medicine for sugar, high blood pressure, asthma, thyroid and other diseases have benefited as a result of the new provision. Unless for regular examination, now these patients can come to the hospital in every three months only.

According to information officer at the hospital, Liladhar Paudel, the people from Chitwan and neighbouring districts have chosen Bharatpur hospital as their first point of contact in their health insurance for life.

The Bharatpur hospital receives 1,300 patients on an average every day at its out-patient department. Of them, usually around fifty per cent have health insurance, and half of them rely on regular long-term medication.


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