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Bajura’s Gadkhet settlement at high risk of erosion due to flood

A settlement is at high risk of flood as Bauli Khola and Khargad River eroded fertile land in Gadkhet tole of Badimalika Municipality-7 in Bajura district.

As many as 50 households of the tole are at high risk of flood due to soil erosion in rainy season every year. Ward Member Nar Bahadur Aaidi said swollen rivers were eroding the land and floods could sweep away the settlement at any time during monsoon if the situation was not checked on time. “The locals were compelled to buy rice from markets after their fertile farmlands were eroded by the rivers,” he said.

Locals said no initiative has been taken to control land erosion even as the entire settlement faced high risk of flood. “We have informed the municipality office and other concerned authorities about the impending danger, but to no avail,” said a local, Prakash Aaidi. He said the locals were compelled to spend sleepless nights during monsoon each year fearing flood in the rivers.

Deputy Mayor of Badimalika Municipality, Kabita Bista admitted that soil erosion had posed a great threat to the settlement. “The settlement faces a serious threat of flood and the situation has to be addressed on time.” Bista added that the municipality was coordinating with the federal and provincial governments to address the issue.

Similarly, locals at ward 3 of the municipality have been facing problems due to lack of bridge over the Khargad River. Dima Subbha, head teacher at Choyakot Secondary School said locals risked their lives while crossing the river during monsoon every year. Ward Chair Bir Bahadur Rawal said initiative has been taken to construct a bridge over the river.

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